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Happy second day of spring! Congratulations on making it through the first week of midterms. For those with more exams to come - good luck! In the meantime, here’s what you should know:

  • China Encourages Movie Theater Etiquette – China has been struggling to prevent moviegoers from using their phones during screenings. In this attempt, the most recent idea that emerged was to shame people into putting away their phones by having ushers direct lasers into wrongers. Wang Chen who works for the Shanghai Grand Theater told The New York Times that the conventional method was to just simply give them a gentle reminder.
  • Xi Jinping as “China’s Last Leader” – In one of China’s state news agency’s latest post, the author, instead of referring to the President Xi as “China’s highest leader”, ended up calling him “China’s last leader.” The embarrassing one character oversight was quickly corrected. With a gradually increasing distrust in Chinese economy, many speculated that such a move can very easily bring down the morale. Still, those interested and fluent in Chinese can find the original article here.
  • Another Explosion in Istanbul – Istanbul saw an explosion this past Saturday when Mehmet Ozturk, a suicide bomber, killed four and wounded more than a dozen tourists in Turkey’s most populous city. This past Sunday, the Interior Minister of Turkey claimed the Gaziantep-born Turkish militant belongs to the Islamic State which now borders his home province.
  • EU Sees the Deal with Turkey as a Breakthrough – This past Friday the EU tackled the issue of the refugee crisis by agreeing with the government of Turkey to send all newcomers back to Turkish soil. Under this agreement, essentially all the incoming refugees fleeing war and turmoil will be deported from the European Union. With the goal of lessening the burden upon European states, the EU views it as a step forward. 
  • Ex-Minister Suggests Euro-Russian Conflict Igor Ivanov, the former Russian Foreign Minister advises of a risk of a nuclear war. According to Ivanov, the emergency in Ukraine and the refugee crisis got Europe and the Russia closer than ever to a nuclear warfare.
  • Health and Wellbeing Study Encourages Millennials to Run – The Millennial Running Study that was released in February claims that, despite the popular lack of trust in Millennials, in terms of their values, they are doing just fine. “The generation of the obese” finds that running as a social activity not only helps them lose weight, but also get in shape.

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Photo Credit: Chloe Haddaway

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