Suicide Blast in Lahore Kills At Least 65

The blasts come soon after Brussels, explosions in Ankara, and blasts in Baghdad.

Note from the Editor: At the time of publication, official death and injury tolls from the Lahore explosions were still being released. OCA acknowledges that numbers may have changed, and more information may be released. On behalf of the OCA staff, we would like to send out our hopes and thoughts to the victims and their families. For those in the NYU Shanghai community, if you are experiencing any distress, please contact Health and Wellness on 2059 9999.

On Mar. 27, Easter Sunday, explosions went off near a public park in Lahore, Pakistan. The suicide bomber has reportedly killed at least 65 people, with another 300 wounded, in Pakistan’s second-largest city. According to police officials in the city, the blasts were detonated near a children’s swing set, where families were celebrating the Easter holiday.

A faction of the Taliban Movement of Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Ahrar, claimed responsibility for the attack and stated that they were targeting Christians. This was the third bombing in Pakistan this month alone. Since the faction split from the Taliban group in 2014, they have claimed responsibility for a multitude of attacks and have pledged their allegiance to both the Islamic State and the Taliban at certain points in time.

NYU Shanghai students took to Facebook to express their sympathy, concerns, and prayers for Lahore. The attacks come soon after Brussels, explosions in Turkey, and an explosion at a soccer game in Iraq last Friday. Last year’s hashtag, #prayfortheworld, has re-surfaced, as individuals have taken to social media to express their concerns that people should notice any act of terror, regardless of where it occurs in the world.

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Photo Credit: Alhan Fakhr

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