Restaurant Review: Seesaw Cafe

An ideal place to satiate your good-quality coffee yearnings

Very happy to have discovered Seesaw Cafe – an ideal place to satiate your good-quality coffee yearnings in otherwise, traditionally, tea-drinking country. Located in Shanghai’s Jing’An Design Center, during weekdays it assures that the creative bunch of the area receives fuel for the rest of the day. Weekends are a little different, Seesaw Cafe shares its coffee expertise with a wider community of zealots.

Walking into the cafe not only did I immediately get the rich coffee aroma, but also the bustling atmosphere. Despite the boisterous ambience, some did not shy away from a good book or work on a laptop. Others were, on the other hand, looking to spend a great early afternoon with friends.

Coffee itself is a gem. Baristas exult in their expertise. Not only are they delighted to prepare a perfect cup of specialty coffee, but also to educate the curious. Seesaw offers a range of different blends not limited solely to traditional ones. Regions in China like Yunnan that are famous for their coffee are also well-represented. You can opt for syphon coffee, hand brew or even recently popular, cold brew coffee. Other than coffee, Seesaw offers an array of dessert that I did not get to try, but a party of 4 sitting next to me was relishing.

It does not matter if you enjoy soaring ceilings or cozy work atmosphere. With options of a lively enclosed patio or a tucked away, intimate inside area, there is something for all. The glitch of the experience was definitely the price as it does spiral to 48 RMB for the finest cold brew. However, with regular lattes at around 35 RMB, it is very much worth and exchange with Starbucks.

Address: 433 Yuyuan Lu Inside Jing’an Design Center 愚园路433号静安设计中心内

This article was written by Abel Hegyes and Lana Kugli. Please send an email to to get in touch.
Photo Credit: Chloe Haddaway

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