The Forum: SLR Wants to Hear Your Voice

Tomorrow, on Nov. 17, Student Government will be holding their first forum on Residence Life at the Jinqiao Residential Complex.

The Student Life and Residence Committee (SLR), as a subsection of Student Government, has announced that a Forum on Residential Life at NYU Shanghai will be held tomorrow, Nov. 17. The Forum will ultimately be a platform for which students can identify issues with the Jinqiao Residential Complex, and administration will be able to inform students of any coming improvements. Three months in, both Student Government and administration are giving students the opportunity to project their concerns in a formal and respectful environment.

Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, portal and study away students have been housed approximately a 20-minute drive away from campus. Prior to this, students were placed relatively closer to the Academic Building. Although Motel 268 was by no means a perfect permanent solution – especially considering that the Junior class will be returning in less than a year – the Jinqiao Residential Complex comes with its own problems. Elle Lütz, NYU Shanghai’s study away class representative remarked: “NYU housing doesn’t always provide living situations that are close to the cultural centers of the cities that we live in, so it’s hard to have a full experience in four months.” Ultimately, this is contrasted to residence halls at NYU New York, that are located a block away from Washington Square.

However, Student Government asserts that aim of the forum is not to complain, without any plan for enacting realistic solutions. This is the primary reason that administration will be there – to figure out what solutions are available to students, and when.

For example, in response to Lütz’s issue of dorm location, moving where our dormitories are is probably not a realistic goal. Dylan Crow, the Head of the SLR Committee told OCA: “I’m looking forward to hearing from the student body on ways to improve our residence hall.” The call to action from Student Government is persistent. Andre’ Lucas, Public Relations Officer for Student Government remarked: “If I hear you complain, I want you to be there.”

Since last year, in anticipation of the dreaded commute to Century Avenue, there have been consistent complaints from the student body about the Jinqiao Residential Complex. These have spiraled out of control, with complaints ranging from bans on kitchen equipment to lack of proper transportation to the Academic Building. Ultimately, all these concerns will be heard by NYU Shanghai administration and Student Government.

‘The Forum: Residential Life’ will be held on Tuesday, November 17 in the Auditorium from 5 to 6:15 p.m. In case you are unable to make it, Student Government wants you to share your concerns by filling out this form.

This article was written by Allison Chesky. Please send an email to to get in touch.
Photo Credit: NYUSH Student Government

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