Starting another great year here at NYUSH, while some things have changed in the ARC, others remain the same. ARC recruited brand new student workers and Cydney Delia took over the lead for the GAF program. We had to say goodbye to many of the amazing GAFs from last year. On the other hand, new faces were introduced. The new writing GAFs include Olivia Bergen, Michael Lawrence, Diana Lee, James Nadel, Brigitta Schubert, Rosie Spracklin, and Chang Zao. Chenjie Huang, Barak Hurvitz, and Alberto Manca, along with Eunjae So and Ziye Wang, help out students involved in Business and Finance. Computer Science majors get to meet Bruce Xie and Weichen Zhu, while those in one of the many Calculus classes can now work with Mirjana Stevanović and Xiaoyi Huang. In our new FOS batch, Lynn Hsu provides help in Chemistry, alongside Gloria Lee and Joe Wu. Natalie Agre and Evangelos Vlachos tutor Physics, and Sarah Jensen and Vylyny Chat are there to help those in the Biology department.

Sarah Jensen, our wonderful Biology GAF, stated that: “Being a GAF is a lot of fun. Its been a really fun way for me to continue learning and teaching Biology and also explore a new country and new culture.

Workshops from last year are still going on: you can come and get tips on time management, preparing for midterms, integrating citations and sources in your writing, reading textbooks, and more. These workshops are available for anyone and everyone; there are no terms or conditions whatsoever.

Another great feature about ARC is the Societies. Besides NYUSH Student Clubs, we have ARC Societies facilitated by the GAFs, including the Linguistics, Philosophy, Math, and Economics Societies. Lectures, evening events, different challenges and programs — everything you could wish for outside the classroom is available on the 5th floor.

During freshmen year I called the ARC my home. It was not as much about getting academic help as it was about hanging with the GAFs and sharing life experiences. The GAFs are there to help you progress academically, but they are also there as human beings who were in your shoes just a few years ago.


This article was written by Diem Hang Pham. Send an email to to get in touch.
Photo Credit: NYU Shanghai

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