NYU Shanghai fans packed ECNU High School Number 2 in our home district of Pudong this Saturday, April 18th to support our fellow students competing against Duke-Kunshan University. The Women’s Volleyball game started off the afternoon, where NYU Shanghai’s team clinched the win without needing a third game. After decisively winning the two games, freshman Annie Seaman reported that “seeing NYU Shanghai kids covered in body paint at the game, packing the stands and cheering helped build our confidence and made our win more special.”

Kevin Pham ‘17, along with his fellow students, painted ‘NYUSH’ on their chests and led cheers making for a great atmosphere. They threw leftover Dumpling Fest t-shirts into the crowd to get them riled up. Jacko Walz ‘17 even tossed one over to the Duke-Kunshan side of the stands. However, the receiver tossed the shirt back over immediately after, followed by wild applause from the blue and green side and friendly booing from the purple and white side.

Following the volleyball game, the Men’s Basketball teams competed and once again, NYU Shanghai came out victorious. Nik Arcot, who sunk more than one three pointer to help lead NYUSH to victory, felt that “it was a great game. We talked to the players and they were nice and excited to be here. They were worthy opponents”. Also worthy of mention were the dancers from Duke-Kunshan that put on a halftime show. Their dancers dressed in jean shorts and matching tops were wonderfully in sync and danced to choreography that kept the crowd cheering even while the teams were strategizing. In anyone is interested in competing in games, the Volleyball Club meets every Thursday at 5 pm in the Academic Building lobby!

This article was written by Allison Chesky. Send an email to managing@oncenturyavenue.com to get in touch.
Photo Credit: Kevin Pham

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