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U.S. Ambassador Max Baucus Oct 7th 5:30pm (Auditorium):
The U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus is making his first official visit to Shanghai and has chosen NYU Shanghai to give his first university talk since becoming ambassador.

Lecture Series: Meeting with Production Manager, Ms Li Li Oct 7th 5:10pm (Room 102):
First of our lecture series on exploring “behind the scenes” of the film industry is going to be a meeting with Ms Li Li.
Li Li is a production manager whose services range from story developing to post-production. She has worked with The Oprah Winfrey Show on “Beauty Around the World” and produced “Lady Blue Shanghai,” a short film directed by David Lynch for Dior Shanghai Blue.
There is going to be a Q&A session after the lecture so you can start to think about questions you might want to ask her.

TedX Live Oct 8th 7:00pm (Auditorium):
TEDxLive is a live streaming of the TED Global Conference in Rio, Brazil. At this event, we will also host a variety of student speakers from NYU Shanghai who will also give TEDx talks. This event will be recorded and streamed live.

Election Results Announcement Party Oct 8th 6:00pm (15th Floor Colloquium Space):
Join Student Government and the Elections Board for our annual Elections Results Announcement Party! Light refreshments will be served.

English Resumes and Cover Letters Oct 9th 12:45 pm (Room 102):
Back again for a repeat run, this seminar offers some helpful strategies and rules for writing effective resumes and cover letters. Your resume and cover letter are often your first chance to market yourself as a professional. Whether you’re applying for an internship or just networking, knowing how to construct these documents properly will help you ensure that a potential employer’s first impression of you is not also their last!

Being a Prosecutor in America Oct 9th 5:30 pm (Room 101)
Steve Kwok, Resident Legal Advisor, Department of Justice, at the American embassy in Beijing talks about his experience as a federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York (which includes New York City) and what an American federal prosecutor does and how that fits within the American system of government.

Intro class to Gu Zheng (古筝) oct 11th 10:00am (Room 808)/ Intro class to Bamboo Flute (竹笛) Oct 11th 1:00pm (Room 808):
Fascinated with Chinese art work and performance? Want to create your own masterpiece? Here we invite you to get a taste of Chinese cultural arts!
The Office of Student Life is now offering five Chinese cultural classes for the Fall semester, including: Er Hu (二胡), Gu Zheng (古筝), Chinese Brush Painting (中国画), Calligraphy (书法), and Bamboo Flute (竹笛). Besides the special introductory course for Gu Zheng and Chinese Bamboo Flute on October 11, there will be 7 consecutive sessions for each class,starting from the week of October 13 up till the week of December 1. An achievement exhibition will be held in the week of December 8 to show your work! For a complete schedule of all cultural classes, please click here for the schedule of the Fall 2014 Cultural Classes.
Make sure you complete the application form for these classes before October 8, 2014 to get accepted to the class of your choice. Spaces are limited!

2014 NFL University Flag Football Game vs. Shanghai Normal University
Oct 12th at 10:30 (Luwan Stadium):
On October 12th, the NYUSH Flag Football team will play against Shanghai Normal University! Everyone is welcomed to cheer for our team! See you there!

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