Registrar Grants Third Semesters Abroad

In the fall semester, the registrar’s office announced they would be revoking the petition for a third semester abroad. A few juniors have now been granted a third semester abroad, OCA News Editor Isabel Adler reports.

Class of 2018 Toasts to 88 Days

“I am also the second child of my family,” Chancellor Yu addressed the crowd with a smile, brandishing his flute of champagne. “So I understand how a ‘second child’ is feeling. But you [all] have done very well.” The Class of 2018 begins commencement activities.

Students React to the CCP’s Proposal to Abolish the Term Limit

The Chinese Communist Party announced a proposal to abolish the term limits on the Chinese leader, through state media on Sunday night. As the news was released, students posted screenshotted images of the announcement on their WeChat moments. “I feel that the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee is trying a bit too hard. Their […]


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Don’t You Dare Take the Elevator For One Floor

"You good-for-not-much, one-floor-riding, blisslessly ignorant, time-wasting, annoying little ding-dongs. Please stop it. Please just stop. You don’t need to do this. No one needs you to do this. You are wasting time, you are wasting electricity, you are wasting my remaining nerve endings. Your foolish, witless buffoonery has not benefited anyone," writes OCA Contributing Writer Mohos Mate.

FoS Is Life

"FoS mandates more courses than other majors, but the challenges facilitate rigor. The wonderful opportunities - excellent faculty, chance for direct interactions with the professors, and research scopes - that are present actively rewards our efforts," writes freshman FoS student Raiyan Reza.

The Sex & Cash Theory

"The pursuit of stability feels a bit like a pay-off. Jonathan wants an income so that he can pay for rent and food and transport and Netflix, but he can’t deny the allure of a project that gets his heart racing and blood pumping. This isn’t new. This is “The Sex & Cash Theory.” OCA's Managing Editor Stephanie Bailey tackles the dilemma NYU Shanghai students face after graduating.

My First Chinese New Year

"When a dish is finished, you don’t take it off the table, you stack the next dish on top of it, and it seemed that night that Bill’s father was determined to stack our dishes to the ceiling." Senior Sevi Reyes chronicles his trip to his freshman year roommate 陈震宇 (Bill)'s hometown over Chinese New Year.