Beirut: The Aftermath

The future of the Lebanese government remains unknown as minister after minister resigned following the blast along with protests for government reform. Could the aftershocks of Beirut be more impactful than the explosion itself throughout Lebanon?

As USPS Becomes Political Flash Point, Small Businesses and the Sick Suffer

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has become embroiled in a partisan political struggle over mail-in ballots for the 2020 presidential election. However, the recent struggles of the USPS may not only potentially put mail-in voting in jeopardy, but have already begun hurting many that depend on it, particularly small businesses and those who depend on timely medication deliveries.

How One Incoming Freshman Started An Organization and Connected 3500 People

Alive Vibe (formerly known as Count Me In) is a platform that strives to connect people throughout the world by hosting virtual events. Ali Debow, the creator of Alive Vibe, is an incoming freshman at NYU Shanghai. Ali shared with OCA her process in creating this platform, as well as where she hopes to take it.

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地摊经济能否助力经济复苏?Exploring China’s ‘Stall Economy’

地摊是否真的能成为一个失业者的出路?它究竟对经济复苏能起到多大贡献? 疫情过后的中国,“稳就业、保民生”成为了接下来的经济政策重点,但具体该怎样实施?此前大火的“地摊经济”概念,是否可以成为一个带动消费和就业的解决方案呢? 官方数据显示,有城市的就业因发展地摊经济而得到了大幅改善。可网络上公开的数据信息有限,地摊经济究竟有多大力量,还需要我们亲自去看看。于是OCA发动上海、北京、四川等省市的同学,开展了一次不专业的田野调查。归来,我们将理论研究与田野调查相结合,得出了自己的结论。 For post-COVID China, “stabilizing employment and protecting the livelihood of people” has become the most important economic agenda for the foreseeable future, but how exactly can it be done? Can the “stall economy”, a concept that became popular previously, be a solution to China’s employment and consumption problems? According to official data, the employment situation in some cities has improved evidently. However, given the very limited information, we feel necessary to see for ourselves how significant the impact of the stall economy is. Therefore, OCA initiated a field research in various regions, including Shanghai, Beijing and the Sichuan Province. Upon returning, we put our field observations and theoretical research together and formed our own conclusions.

Poverty and Distributional Impacts of COVID-19: A Study of Low-Income Households

The coronavirus has often been referred to as an “equalizer,” sickening both the rich and the poor, but is it really affecting people equally? As the socio-economic consequences of the outbreak become apparent, economists and policymakers are more concerned about the distributional impacts of the coronavirus. Students from low-income regions may not have access to the same level of online education as others do; informally employed migrant workers may no longer be able to send money back home; and many countries with scarce resources are facing serious disruptions in the supply chains of essential food and materials. This article will walk you through some of the impacts of the coronavirus epidemic, and explain why it disproportionately affects low-income households.

Feminism in South Korea vs the US

*See English version below* 페미니즘은 무엇인가? 페미니즘에 대한 영어 사전 정의는 “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” (Merriam-Webster)이다. 이 영문 정의는 “성 평등”을 강조하며 한글 사전 또한 이를 반복적으로 사용한다. 페미니즘의 한글 사전의 정의 또한 “성별로 인해 발생하는 정치, 경제, 사회 문화적 차별을 없애야 한다는 견해”로 두 언어가 설명하는 […]

How to Be a Pen Pal

Sophomores Lichen (Jennifer) Dong, Zixin (Harry) Wang, and Guangyu (Tim) Wu talk about their experiences being members of the Pen-Friend club as part of the PEERXNYUSH chapter.

An Investigation of NYU Shanghai’s Finances

After NYU Shanghai’s financial records were audited for the year ending December 31, 2016, the report (财务报表计审计报告 or Financial Audit Report) was made available to the public. The main finding is that there was nothing dodgy in the audit report, even though NYUSH reported a loss. But, the main lesson from reading through NYUSH’s financial disclosure is long term viability.

My First Chinese New Year

"When a dish is finished, you don’t take it off the table, you stack the next dish on top of it, and it seemed that night that Bill’s father was determined to stack our dishes to the ceiling." Senior Sevi Reyes chronicles his trip to his freshman year roommate 陈震宇 (Bill)'s hometown over Chinese New Year.

OCA 新闻 | 上纽大学生事务部回应关于“Go Local”的疑问 Dean of Students Responded to Questions over “Go Local” Policies

Ever since the announcement of the NYU "Go Local" policies, many students from both NYU Shanghai and other NYU campuses have expressed their concerns over academic quality, campus resources, and promoting integration between portal students and visiting students. This week, NYU Shanghai Dean of Students David Pe responded to the questions over "Go Local" Policies. 自纽约大学“Go Local”政策公布以来,不少上海纽约大学与纽约大学其他校区的同学们都表达了对于教学质量,学校资源和促进本校与来访同学融合等方面的疑问。本周,上纽大学生事务部主任David Pe(彭汉智)回答了同学们对于“Go Local”政策提出的问题。

OCA 新闻|约3000名NYU其他校区的学生将在上纽大度过秋季学期(Around 3000 students from other NYU campuses will spend their fall semester at NYU Shanghai)

北京时间7月15日晚,上纽大常务副校长雷蒙在向全体上纽在读学生发送的邮件中提到,上海纽约大学将迎来大约3000位来自纽约大学其他校区且目前身处中国的学生(包括本科生及研究生),并为来访学生在上海市内设立临时校区。该消息的发布引起了学生们的热烈探讨,OCA采访了部分中国学生对此消息的看法。 On the night of July 15th (CST), NYU Shanghai's Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman sent out an email to the entire student body, saying that the university "will be welcoming approximately 3000 other NYU undergraduate and graduate students who are currently in China to study with us on a temporary campus elsewhere in Shanghai." The announcement has aroused heated discussions among the students. OCA interviewed several Chinese students about their opinions on the announcement.

OCA & 围炉 | 侬好,童校长

伴随着俞校长的退休,上纽迎来了新一届的领航人——童世骏校长。 这个消息,既出人意料,又在情理之中。在许多同学的印象里,童世骏就是那位国情课上的常驻讲师,然而他和上纽的缘分远远不止于此。很多人好奇:童校长是如何看待上海纽约大学学生的呢?作为一个有着深厚哲学背景的“海龟”,童校长将如何利用个人特色带领上纽走向2.0时代?在他心里,上纽在当今剧烈变动的社会环境下又扮演着什么样的角色? 在校长换届的消息宣布两个星期后,OCA与围炉的成员有幸与童世骏校长进行了一次面对面的深入对话,将同学们的疑惑一一解答。